’Smile’ private dental clinic

1111. Budapest, 14th Road Karinthy Frigyes, Ground floor 1.

+361 279 0630

+3630 202 6998

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Dr. Zoltán Jeckel – Head physician

I graduated in the Faculty of Dentistry, Semmelweis Medical University in 1996. After a professional/speciality exam in Odontopathy and Stomatopathy, additional professional courses and years of practice, I established my clinic in 2003.

I eagerly awaited my first day at the clinic, and I am glad to say that every day has held new experiences for me ever since. I also am proud to have been able to provide cure and a felling of comfort to my patients. For me, it is vital that each treatment be personalized: those who come to me for medical help need to know what is happening to them and what we both need to do for their recovery. Certainly, our dental treatments do not end here, at the surgery. Together with the patient, we go over and follow through the steps of the healing process. I believe that the main principles of a private practice should be flexibilty, expertise as well as a pleasant environment. Apart from retaining a personal connection, my goal, as a dentist, is to provide the same, high quality treatment to every one coming to me in a hope for recovery. 

My specialities: Prosthetic dentistry, Conservative tretment, Endodontics, Aesthetics.







Georgina Krizsanovszki – assistant, dental hygienist

Dental hygienie, Consultation: oral status