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Conservative treatments

The early recognition of tooth decay (caries).

It is one of the most important duties of a dentist, as decay is the primary cause of most dental problems. Systematic check-ups are essential so that adequate treatments should be started at an early stage. The smaller the problem, the easier it is to nip it in the bud. 


Painfree root canal.


Unfortunately, root canal treatments mean a great deal of pain for many. This is what I hear from my new patients every day. An overwhelming sense of fear and anxiety is generally associated with this therapy. After over 15 years of practice, I tend to find a decent doctor-patient relationship and communication a matter of utmost importance. Once it is developed, precise, harmonic and painfree treatments could be performed. With patience, expertise and of course, up-to-date anaesthetization, we can successfully treat „hopeless”, „potentially extractabe” teeth.


In our practice, we lay great emphasis on conservative dentistry: all root canal treatments are performed by well-qualified specialists.


Restoration, Abutment


The secret of long term dental health is to create ideal peripheral seals through the combination of the latest materials and tried and true technology, whether it’s abutment, inlay or a crown.